Home Shopping Selections team and product showcase, representing our legacy in catalogue retail.

Taking Pride in Decades of Excellence as a Top-tier Catalogue Retailer

At Home Shopping Selections, we’ve built an enduring reputation as a premier catalogue retailer, underpinned by our unwavering dedication to our customers. Rooted in a rich history, we’ve continuously offered innovative, solution-driven products spanning across categories like Household and Home, Garden & Outdoor, and Health & Wellbeing, among others. As the UK’s pioneering catalogue retailer, our mission remains to deliver both convenience and exceptional value right to your doorstep.

Every product we feature, whether it’s from our esteemed in-house collection or trusted brands like Eckman and Jean Patrique, is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Our fashion aficionados cherish the selections in Clothing & Accessories, while those with a flair for the unique appreciate our Gifts & Gadgets range. For timepiece enthusiasts, our curated collection from Watches & Jewellery featuring brands like Stauer is a treasure trove.

Our ethos goes beyond retail. We see ourselves as more than just a company; we’re a community driven by purpose. Central to this is our commitment to ensure every interaction with us, be it online, over the phone, or through our products, mirrors the authenticity and trustworthiness we stand for. It’s why shopping with Home Shopping Selections is always secure, whether you’re browsing Hobbies & Leisure or making a purchase from Wellform.

Beyond offering diverse product ranges, we’re passionate about providing a hassle-free shopping journey paired with unmatched service. Our dedicated team, day in and day out, strives to make this vision a reality. To that end, we’ve equipped our customers with multiple delivery options, from standard to swift next-day delivery, ensuring every order reaches its destination promptly.

Your feedback is the lifeblood of our continuous growth. As we evolve, adapt, and seek to better our offerings, your voice guides us. Whether it’s feedback on a recent Jean Patrique kitchenware purchase or suggestions for our Eckman garden range, we’re all ears. To share your thoughts or get in touch, visit our Contact Us page.

At Home Shopping Selections, every day is a promise – a promise to deliver, to excel, and most importantly, to be there for you.