18″ Sterling Silver Chain



Sku: 18996

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Gauguin’s lost masterpiece?

There isn’t much in Moscow to remind you of Tahiti. Not unless you wander into the Pushkin Museum and happen upon an original Gauguin. The masterpiece of color from his time in Tahiti is hard to miss and instantly takes you somewhere else. Suddenly you are standing on a black sand beach, smelling salt air and fresh hibiscus. That’s the power of a 39 million dollar painting.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford seven-figure decorations. That’s why we always love finding the next best thing. And since science has found a way to reproduce the look, weight and luster of natural pearls and we couldn’t help but share. Using organic microcoatings based on the nacre of the oyster, bioscientists have created better, rounder, and larger orbs. The subtle change in process and material saves you thousands, while maintaining the luxurious look of nature.

Our Multi-Colored Gauguin Necklace features luminous spheres in shades of champagne gold, creamy ivory, slate gray and sea foam green. Each 12mm beauty has been delicately strung and indivually hand-knotted along the 18″ strand. The necklace secures easily with a decorative, gold vermeil magnetic barrel clasp. An undiscovered masterwork with colors lifted straight from the genius painter’s palette.