4-Function LED Nightlight & Torch

Versatile Brilliance: 4-Function LED Nightlight & Torch

  • 4-in-1 functionality: Nightlight, Torch, Emergency Light, and Motion Sensor.
  • Plug-in for a comforting nightlight or detach for a portable torch.
  • Energy-efficient LED technology for reliable illumination.
  • Compact design for convenience and ease of use.


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Unleash the Power of a Nightlight, Torch, Emergency Light, and Motion Sensor in One Device

The new and improved Sensor II comes with a single high-powered COB LED producing 130 Lumens when used as a torch. While in power cut mode the top LED produces 15 Lumens of light which will give ample light in an emergency and prolong the life of the inbuilt rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

Removing the Sensor II from its charging cradle will active the top COB LED in 15 Lumen mode. To use as a torch push the button once and you will have a 130 Lumen torch, fully charged and ready to go when you need it.

The Sensor II includes extra night light features. Motion Sensor mode, a PIR motion sensor will activate the 5 LED, 40 Lumens night light when movement is detected. Dawn to Dusk mode, with a push of the button, (while in the charging cradle), you can toggle Dawn to Dusk mode, where the 5 LED night light will emit a low 0.3 Lumen glow all night and then when motion is detected increase to 40 Lumens providing a safely lit area.


  • Batteries and LEDs never need to be replaced, LEDs are always cool to the touch
  • 4-mode press button – Top COB LED / 5 front LEDs / Top COB LED flasher / Off
  • Sensor distance 2 to 3m, 20 metre light spread
  • Front light with 5 super bright LEDs – Hi 40 Lumens / Low 0.3 Lumens
  • The 5 LED nightlight will automatically turn on once movement is detected in the dark room
  • 2 button Nightlight (In charging cradle) – Dusk to Dawn & Motion Sensor / Motion Sensor
  • Torch with single COB LEDs – 130 Lumens (Torch Mode) 15 Lumens (Emergency Mode)


  • Power Source: Battery & mains-powered
  • Motion Sensor: Motion sensor equipped
  • Bulb Type: Integrated
  • Dimmable: Non-dimmable
  • Switch Type: Push switch