All Three Huggie Earrings

  • Hugs have emotional and health benefits.
  • Gift colorful huggie earrings for warmth and style.
  • Exclusive diamond alternative mimics mined gemstones.
  • Huggie settings feature charming heart details.
  • Set includes Ruby Red, Emerald Green & Spinel Blue huggie earrings.

Original price was: £299.97.Current price is: £269.97.

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Hugs for the holidays

Huggie earrings in rich jewel tones

Hugging has been shown to not only boost happiness and sense of well-being, but also our health. Along with lowering blood pressure and heart rate, a warm embrace simultaneously reduces the stress-inducing hormone cortisol while increasing oxytocin –– the “trust” hormone.

While nothing can replace your warm bear hugs, you can give her the next best thing. Gorgeous earrings sparkling with color and light in stylish huggie settings. The secret to their mined gemstone beauty? Our exclusive diamond alternative delivers all the color and clarity of the world’s finest mined gems with a price you can wrap your arms around. Adding to the warm and fuzzies, the huggie settings feature tiny hearts in the metalwork. Romance never looked so stylish.

  • Platinum-finished .925 Sterling silver setting
  • 2 ctw each
  • Set includes Ruby Red, Emerald Green & Spinel Blue huggie earrings
  • (16) square 2x2mm Lab-created Ruby, Emerald & Spinel
  • (52) round 1.2mm white “The Ultimate Diamond Alternative, Diamondaura”
  • Overall drop 1/2″
  • Diameter 1/2″
  • Post huggie hoops
  • 4 grams each