Arthro Gloves

Find Relief from Hand Osteoarthritis Pain with Anti-Osteoarthritis Gloves!

  • Prevent wear and tear on cartilage and joints
  • Reduce and prevent inflammation
  • Protect against bone-to-bone rubbing
  • Help straighten misaligned parts
  • Promote good circulation


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Discover a medication-free solution for hand osteoarthritis pain with our Anti-Osteoarthritis Gloves. 

These specially designed gloves target arthritis in the hand by reducing inflammation, blockages, and pain, allowing you to experience improved comfort and mobility.

The gloves offer comprehensive support to your hand joints, preventing wear and tear on cartilage and joints. Their unique construction helps reduce inflammation and shields against bone-to-bone rubbing, providing much-needed relief from discomfort. Additionally, the gloves assist in aligning misaligned parts, promoting better joint function.

Featuring pressure point magnets placed strategically on the areas affected by osteoarthritis, these magneto-repairing stimulation points offer immediate relief to the targeted regions. The magnetic energy stimulates healing and eases pain, providing soothing comfort throughout the day.

Crafted from a special textile composed of medico-repair fibres, these gloves provide ideal compression to prevent swelling in the fingers. The heat generated by the gloves warms the hand and improves blood circulation, effectively treating inflammation and discomfort.

Experience the benefits of the Anti-Osteoarthritis Gloves and regain your hand’s vitality and functionality. Say goodbye to hand pain and embrace a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

What’s Included:

  • 1 pair of Anti-Osteoarthritis Gloves



  • Material: Special medico-repair textile
  • Contains pressure point magnets for stimulation
  • Provides compression to prevent finger swelling
  • Helps improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation