Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith

  • Prolific career starting with RCA in 1936.
  • Groundbreaking hit “Guitar Boogie” in 1945.
  • Influential guitar style inspiring diverse artists.
  • Establishment of the first Carolina recording studio in 1957.
  • Multifaceted contributions to radio, film soundtracks, and syndicated shows.


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Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith: A musical legacy echoing through time

Musical Legend: Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith

Embark on the extraordinary journey of Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith, a native of Carolina whose destiny unfolded in the world of music. Despite excelling academically and athletically, Smith chose the path less traveled, foregoing a prestigious appointment to Annapolis to pursue his passion for music and entertainment. His childhood dreams materialized into a reality that surpassed all expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of musical history.

Arthur Smith’s career as a recording artist took flight in 1936 with RCA, marking the inception of a prolific journey that resonated with audiences. Notably, his iconic hit “Guitar Boogie” in 1945 became a groundbreaking guitar instrumental, earning him the revered title of Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith. His influence extended far beyond his own recordings, shaping the styles of renowned artists across genres. Beyond music, Smith made significant contributions to radio, establishing the first recording studio in North and South Carolina in 1957.

Smith’s accolades are a testament to his multifaceted contributions, from the Broadcasters Hall of Fame to the State of North Carolina Order of The Long Leaf Pine. His impact reached beyond music, with soundtracks for major motion pictures and a 30-year syndicated radio show. Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith’s passing in 2004 marked the end of a legendary career, leaving behind a timeless legacy that continues to resonate.