Electric Hot Water Bottle

Experience instant warmth with the Electric Hot Water Bottle

  • Quick, soothing heat in seconds.
  • Rechargeable for portable comfort.
  • Auto-off safety feature for peace of mind.
  • Soft cover for a cozy touch.
  • Modern, convenient solution to cold nights.


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Sku: SSG110326

Say goodbye to traditional hot water bottles and embrace the modern warmth of the Electric Hot Water Bottle

Forget the hassle of boiling water; simply charge the electric hot water bottle, and it’s ready to deliver soothing warmth within seconds. The portable and rechargeable nature of this device makes it an ideal companion for chilly nights, providing on-the-go comfort wherever you need it.

Safety is a priority, and the Electric Hot Water Bottle includes an auto-off feature, ensuring worry-free use. Once it reaches the optimal temperature, it automatically turns off, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy the cozy heat.

Wrapped in a soft cover, this electric hot water bottle not only delivers warmth but also adds a touch of comfort to your relaxation time. Whether it’s easing muscle tension, warming up your bed, or just providing a comforting embrace on a cold evening, this device is a modern solution to traditional warmth.

Features & Specifications:

  • Quick, soothing heat in seconds
  • Rechargeable for portable comfort
  • Soft cover for a cozy touch
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Cover material: Soft and cozy
  • Portable: Yes, for on-the-go comfort