Flying Cloud Tallship Replica

  • Flying Cloud Tribute: Speedy, Historic, Inspirational, Oceanic Legacy
  • Eleanor Creesy Navigator: Pioneering Oceanographer, Record-Setting Guide
  • Breathtaking Replica: Detailed, Authentic, Steely Sleekness
  • Maritime History Homage: Epochal, Seafaring Legacy, Nautical Symbol
  • Perfect Gift for Adventurers: Resilient Spirit, Exploration Emblem


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Celebrating the World’s Fastest Ship and the Woman Who Pointed the Way

In the mid-19th century, if you needed something fast, you sent it by a clipper ship. Sporting as many sails as possible, these narrow vessels flew through the water at speeds never before seen.

And during this time of daring speed, one ship was known as the fastest: the Flying Cloud. The most famous creation of renowned sailing ship designer and builder Donald McKay, the Flying Cloud raced the seas, setting a speed record between New York and San Francisco that stood for more than 130 years. The Flying Cloud was also famous for another reason: having a female navigator.

Eleanor Creesy, wife of Flying Cloud Captain Josiah Perkins Creesy, was one of the first navigators to exploit the insights of Matthew Fountaine Maury, the father of modern oceanography. With a keen understanding of currents, weather, and astronomy, Eleanor Creesy was a top-of-the-line navigator, and together the Creesys became world-famous. In honor of this master craft and the woman who guided it to fame, we’ve procured a breathtaking replica of the Flying Cloud, complete with all the rigging and steely sleekness of the original.

It’s the perfect gift for whoever helps you navigate the stormy seas of your life. Honor history and the pioneering spirit with this remarkable tribute to the Flying Cloud and Eleanor Creesy.