Guitar Slim The – Complete Releases 1951-58

This collection of 30 tracks features a rich array of blues classics, including “Bad Luck Is On Me,” “The Things That I Used To Do,” and “Sufferin’ Mind,” offering a soulful journey through the genre’s timeless tunes.


Sku: LGC1653

30 Tracks Including: Bad Luck Is On Me (Woman Troubles), New Arrival, Standin’ At The Station (Lyin’ Woman), Cryin’ In The Morning, Feelin’ Sad, Certainly All, The Things That I Used To Do, Well, I Done Got Over It, The Story Of My Life, A Letter To My Girlfriend, Later For You Baby, Trouble Don’t Last, Sufferin’ Mind, Twenty-Five Lies, Stand By Me, Our Only Child. Plus more. (1 CD )