Long Handle Lint Roller

Clean, Extend, Reuse!

  • Eco-friendly reusable design
  • Tackles lint on various surfaces
  • Extendable handle for hard-to-reach spots
  • Simply wash to refresh
  • Range: 25cm to 76cm extension


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Sku: H93661

Where Functionality Meets Sustainability.

Say goodbye to disposable lint rollers and embrace a greener alternative! Our lint roller is not just any typical roller. It’s designed to be sustainable, with a reusable feature that sets it apart from the rest. No more wasteful sheets, and no constant replacements.

Perfect for various surfaces, it’s adept at catching lint, dust, and hair. And with its extendable handle, those hard-to-reach places won’t be a challenge any longer. Whether it’s the back of your wardrobe, the corners of your couch, or the seats of your car, this roller has got you covered.

Refreshing the roller is as simple as it gets. After use, just rinse it under water, let it dry, and it’s ready for action again!


  • Environmentally conscious design
  • Tackles lint, dust, and hair efficiently
  • Handle extends from 25cm to 76cm
  • Easily cleaned with water
  • Ready for countless reuses


What’s Included:
1 x Reusable Lint Roller with Extendable Handle


Handle Length: Extendable from 25cm (9.8″) to 76cm (29.9″)
Material: Durable plastic and adhesive roller


Experience cleaning with a touch of innovation and sustainability. Every swipe counts, and with our lint roller, each swipe is also eco-friendly.