Magnifying Nail Clipper – Set of 3


Magnified Nail Clipping: Precision Meets Clarity!

  • Easily mounted magnifier
  • Adjustable focal distance
  • Removable for versatile use
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Set of 3 included


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Sku: H94235

Achieve Nail Clipping Precision with Our Adjustable Magnifying Nail Clippers!

Transform your nail clipping experience with our magnifying nail clipper set. Designed to blend functionality with ease, the magnifier effortlessly mounts on top of the nail clipper, ensuring you get a clear, up-close view of your nails. Worried about getting the right focus? The adjustable focal distance ensures you get the ideal view tailored to your comfort.

Understanding that not everyone in the family might need magnification, the design thoughtfully allows for the magnifier to be detached, making it a versatile tool for all family members. With this set of three, ensure that every room in your home is equipped, or share the gift of precise nail care with loved ones.

Prioritise clarity and precision in your nail care routine with our magnifying nail clippers.


  • Top-mounted Magnifier
  • Adjustable Magnification Focus
  • Easily Removable Magnifier
  • Suitable for all family members
  • Pack of 3 for convenience

What’s Included

  • 3 Magnifying Nail Clippers


  • Quantity: Set of 3
  • Magnifier: Detachable and Adjustable