• 15 carats total weight
  • (6) 6mm, 7mm and 8mm round aquamarine beads
  • goldTONEDspacers


Sku: 22519

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Send in the aquamarinesClaim your share of the legendary “sailor’s gem”? that was once considered more valuable than diamonds or gold!

When the sun turns up the heat, you need a necklace that will make a splash. Ever since ancient times, sailors have sworn by aquamarine for protection on the open water. We guarantee it to turn heads, by land or by sea. And today you don’t have to leave shore to reap the benefits of this legendary blue gem, because your ship has come in. Today, you can wear this spectacular 15-Carat Mar Aquamarine Earrings for our exclusive Stauer price!

Claim your Mermaid’s Treasure. On any vessel crossing the oceans, there was no more precious cargo than aquamarine. Sailors paid handsomely for its power, considering it their most valuable commodity. In scientific terms, the chemical composition of our Mar Earrings beads are cousins to precious emeralds. They begin life as geological twins underground, colorless until something sparks a change. Sprinkle in a dash of minerals and one becomes vivid green and the other becomes brilliant blue. That’s the beauty of chemistry.

A legend among luxury jewelers. Named for the Latin words for “water of the sea,” aquamarine shines with all the colors of the ocean. Each bead is like a droplet of the sea frozen in space and time. Walk into the most exclusive retail jewelers and you’ll find aquamarine in a place of honor. Fifth Avenue thinks nothing of offering a strand of aquamarine “pebbles” for nearly $12,000. But with a color this captivating, you deserve more than a dollop. That’s why we collected the bluest stones from three continents, polished them to perfection and arranged them for these earring masterpieces.