Marlene Dietrich – The Marlene Dietrich Collection 1930-62

A collection of 51 tracks featuring a mix of songs, including “Falling In Love Again (1930),” “Give Me The Man,” “You Do Something To Me,” “Awake In A Dream,” and more, offering a musical journey through various styles and eras.


Sku: LGC1640

51 Tracks Including: Falling In Love Again (1930), Naughty Lola, Peter, Jonny, Quand l’Amour Meurt, Give Me The Man, You Little So And So, Assez, Moi, Je M’Ennuie, If It Isn’t Pain (Then It Isn’t Love), Three Sweethearts Have I, Awake In A Dream, I’ve Been In Love Before, You Do Something To Me, You’ve Got That Look, The Man’s In The Navy. Plus Many More. ( 2 CD )