Meagan McKinney – No Choice But To Surrender Book

Love Beyond Lost Fortunes

  • Mansion gambled away, fate uncertain
  • Penniless Brienne meets Avenel Slane
  • Trapped in revenge, love emerges


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When Love Challenges Revenge and Fate

Lady Brienne Morrow’s world shatters when she discovers her ancestral mansion has been gambled away by her father. Left with nothing, she confronts the mansion’s new owner, the enigmatic American, Avenel Slane. As Brienne becomes an unexpected pawn in Avenel’s vengeful scheme, she is unknowingly ensnared in a web of intrigue. Yet, amidst the shadows of deceit, a passionate love story unfolds, with Brienne risking her very heart for a man whose intentions remain a mystery. Dive into a tale where love challenges fate and revenge.