Men’s Meteorite in Steel Bracelet

  • Genuine Muonionalusta meteorite in stainless steel bracelet
  • Material fused by interstellar travel, can’t be mined
  • Stainless steel with rhodium finish for durability
  • A unique piece from the oldest meteorite known
  • Fits wrists up to 8 1/2″ for a spacious feel


Sku: 47443

Hey, give a guy a little space

Genuine extraterrestrial meteorite encased in stainless steel makes the world seem a bit bigger

Feeling a little cooped up lately? Are things getting a little crowded? Well, we’ve got just the ticket to help you escape the constraints of the everyday. How about a little piece of the final frontier?

The Meteorite in Steel Bracelet you see here are forged from a genuine piece of Muonionalusta, the oldest meteorite known to man and an authentic souvenir of a lost alien world. Fused and transformed by the intense heat and cosmic rays of interstellar travel, the exotic material in these pieces can never be mined or manufactured.

Encased in stainless steel–– a metal that’s already tough as nails––the bracelet is protected with a rhodium finish–– a precious metal in the platinum family that enhances durability and luster. Yes, gentlemen this is how you give yourself some space.

  • Authentic Muonionalusta meteorite inlay
  • Rhodium-finished stainless steel
  • bracelet fits wrists to 8 1/2″