Native Whey 500g

Unlock Your Ultimate Potential with Native Whey Protein

  • Promotes muscle growth and synthesis
  • Accelerates post-exercise recovery
  • Enhances energy levels and reduces fatigue
  • Alleviates muscular aches and pains


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Upgrade Your Fitness Journey with Native Whey – The Pinnacle of Protein Excellence

Product Overview:

Introducing Native Whey, our cutting-edge high-potency protein supplement meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of dedicated gym enthusiasts and sports aficionados across diverse disciplines. Native Whey stands apart from conventional whey protein isolates (WPI) through an innovative manufacturing process, offering a superior and highly efficient protein solution.

The Native Whey Advantage:

What sets Native Whey apart is its exclusive manufacturing process. Unlike typical whey protein isolates sourced from cheese by-products, Native Whey is directly derived from the milk of grass-fed cows. The whey protein undergoes gentle microfiltration and low-temperature spray drying to protect the nutrient and enzyme profile.

The sole ingredient used to produce Native Whey is top-tier fresh milk, carefully sourced from farmers who adhere to the highest farming standards. The ingenious, clean technology deployed in its creation minimizes processing steps to conserve the primary fractions of the milk—native whey protein. In contrast to traditional WPI, typically extracted through two high-temperature pasteurization steps and often containing cheese residues, GMP, added ingredients, and chemical agents, Native Whey maintains its protein structure and properties, optimizing the protein per serving.

Native Nutrition:

Native Whey boasts an inherent richness in essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize independently. It is home to 15% more leucine than traditional WPI, making it a vital BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) for muscle protein synthesis. The unique blend of amino acids in Native Whey provides a distinct nutritional profile, triggering muscle protein synthesis and promoting muscle growth.

The Research:

  • Rapid Muscle Power Recovery: Native Whey has been shown to facilitate muscle power recovery within just 30 minutes after exercise, as opposed to 48 hours with WPI supplementation.
  • Improved Sprint Speed: Users of Native Whey witnessed a remarkable 4.5% increase in sprint speed, a benefit that could translate to a 0.5-second gain over a 100m distance.
  • Enhanced Muscle Fiber Activation: Native Whey effectively activates high-quality muscle fibers, optimizing post-training muscle power output.

Recommended Usage:

Protein plays an integral role in muscle growth and maintenance, making Native Whey an excellent choice for post-exercise recovery. We recommend adding one large scoop (25g) of Native Whey to 200ml of water or milk 30 minutes after your workout. Alternatively, you can consume it at any time during the day to supplement your daily protein intake. Our Native Whey is unflavored, providing you with a versatile and pure protein solution.


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