Rainproof Cover for Wheelchair Users

Stay Dry, Move Freely: Rainproof Covers for Wheelchair Users

  • Weather-Resistant Protection for Wheelchair Users.
  • Easy-to-Install Rainproof Covers.
  • Stay Comfortable and Dry in Inclement Weather.
  • Universal Fit for Most Wheelchair Models.
  • Mobility Unleashed, Rain or Shine.


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Sku: X00170

Unleash your mobility, rain or shine

The Rainproof Cover is fully waterproof polyurethane coated nylon outer made for use with a body muff in all weathers.It is designed to keep the wearer dry from the feet to the waist. It is approx. 54 long and the waist size is generously cut to fit all sizes. It has a full length zip so that it is very easy to get in and out. Hand wash in warm soapy water.

Our Rainproof Covers for Wheelchair Users offer weather-resistant protection, ensuring you can maintain your independence and mobility even in the rain. Designed for easy installation, these covers provide a universal fit for most wheelchair models, allowing you to stay comfortable and dry during unexpected downpours.

Unleash your mobility, rain or shine, with the confidence that our Rainproof Covers provide. Whether you’re running errands, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply going about your daily routine, these covers offer a practical solution to keep you protected and comfortable. Embrace the freedom to move without limits, regardless of the weather, with our reliable and easy-to-use Rainproof Covers for Wheelchair Users.