Sheen Shield

Ultimate Iron Protection!

  • Heat-Resistant Material
  • Universal Fit for Standard Irons
  • Easy Slip-On Design, Effortless Protection
  • Durable, Protects from Scratches and Dust
  • Compact, Ideal for Home and Travel


Sku: H93660

Introducing the Sheen Shield, your ultimate solution for protecting both your clothes and your iron.

This innovative non-stick iron shoe effortlessly fits most irons, ensuring versatile usage for various ironing needs. Its easy installation process guarantees quick setup, allowing you to focus on achieving wrinkle-free perfection in no time. Crafted with precision, this iron cover acts as a shield, safeguarding your delicate fabrics from heat and steam while extending the life of your iron. Experience efficient ironing and unmatched protection with the Sheen Shield, where convenience and care converge to redefine your ironing experience.

Our Sheen Shield comes with a range of features designed to enhance your ironing experience. Its heat-resistant material ensures safety during storage, allowing you to put your iron away immediately after use. The universal fit accommodates most standard irons, making it a convenient choice for various brands and models. The easy slip-on design guarantees effortless installation, saving you time and effort. Crafted from durable material, it effectively protects your iron from scratches and dust, maintaining its performance over time. Compact and travel-friendly, it’s an essential accessory for every household.

  • Heat-resistant material for safe storage
  • Universal fit for standard irons
  • Easy slip-on design, effortless protection
  • Durable, protects from scratches and dust
  • Compact, ideal for home and travel

What’s Included:

  • One Iron Cover


  • Material: Heat-resistant
  • Size: Universal fit for standard irons
  • Color: Neutral