Smokey Silver Bola Bracelet

  • Available in Ivory or Smoky Silver
  • 20 grams
  • elastic
  • 12mm wide
  • (16) 8mm roundbrass beads
  • (4) 4mm crystal roundels
  • (5) 10mm -12mm shell pearls


Sku: 25032

Check the wrists of the fashion forward and you’ll be amazed. Bracelets and bangles these days rarely fly solo. The prime real estate between a woman’s wrist and elbow has become host to an explosion of colors and textures, baubles and beads. And the best news is that everyone is invited to the party. The stylish standard is to mix precious gold and genuine gems with more rustic, handmade designs and glittering, costume-inspired pieces.

In the spirit of “the more the merrier,” we’re offering our stylish, stretch Bola Bracelet for an unbelievable low price. Add to your accessory arsenal with these eye-catching collection of silvery beads, crystal-studded roundels and shimmering pearlescent spheres!