Snowflake Sparkle Necklace & Earring Set

Elegance in Every Flake

  • Dazzling Snowflake Design Necklace & Earrings.
  • Crafted for Winter Elegance and Sparkling Charm.
  • Intricate Detailing for a Unique Frozen Beauty.
  • Perfect Set for Festive Occasions or Daily Glam.
  • Gift-Wrapped Elegance, Wear the Magic.


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Adorn yourself in the enchanting beauty of winter

Indulge in the magic of winter with the Snowflake Sparkle Necklace & Earring Set. Each piece is meticulously designed to bring out the intricate beauty of snowflakes, creating a dazzling and unique accessory that captures the essence of the season.

The necklace and earrings feature a timeless snowflake design, perfect for adding a touch of sparkling charm to your winter wardrobe. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this set is not just jewelry; it’s an expression of elegance and a celebration of the beauty found in every snowflake.

Theres something truly magical about the quiet beauty of a snow-covered forest or the first snowfall sprinkled on our porches. And those beautiful blankets of snow are made of billions of tiny crystallized stars.Just as our lives shape us, the conditions a snowflake encounters on its journey down to Earth determines its unique shape. Each snowflake starts as a drop of pure water vapor, transforming into a single six-armed ice crystal when temperatures hit 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Kissed by the wind and warmed by the sun, the droplets shift and morph into majestic triumphs of nature and science.In celebration of these cold weather wonders weve created the Snowflake Sparkle Earrings. In the spirit of the season, were pricing these earrings so you can delight the one who brings beauty to your life for a most magical price.

  • Earrings:1 ctw Silver-finished alloy setting(98) round 1.8mm European crystal
  • Design 16mm 8mm drop
  • Pendant & Chain:1/2 ctw Silver-finished alloy setting (49) 1.4-1.7mm round
  • European cyrstal Overall drop 1 1/4 3/4 width
  • 3mm thick 18 Sterling silver chain included