The Sensational – Sister Rosetta Tharpe

A collection of tracks featuring a mix of gospel and spiritual songs, including “Rock Me,” “Precious Lord Take My Hand,” “This Train,” “Ain’t No Grave Hold My Body Down,” and more, offering a musical journey through spiritual and religious themes.


Sku: GTDC2539

Tracks Include: Rock Me, That’s all, My Man And I, Shout sister Shout, Precious Lord Take My Hand, Pyre religion, I Want Jesus To Walk Around My Bedside,Sin Is To Blame, The Devil Has Thrown Him Down, Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread, God Almighty Hand, This Train, Oh, Heaven Is Not MY Home, Ain’t No Grave Hold My Body Down, Old Time Religion, That’s All, Riverside, The Loansome Road. Plus more. ( 1 CD )