Thinsulate Gloves


Stay Cozy and Nimble with Our Innovative Convertible Gloves

  • Mitts and Fingerless Gloves in One
  • Convenient Touch and Close Pads
  • Leatherette Palm for Enhanced Grip

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Embrace Versatility and Warmth with Our Convertible Gloves: Where Mitts and Fingerless Freedom Unite

When the chill of winter sets in, staying warm becomes a top priority. But why choose between mittens and fingerless gloves when you can have the best of both worlds? Introducing our innovative Convertible Gloves, a cold-weather solution that combines the snug comfort of mitts with the dexterity of fingerless gloves.

The secret lies in their ingenious design—our gloves feature tops that can be effortlessly folded back. These tops are held securely in place by touch and close pads, granting you the freedom to expose your fingers without the hassle of removing the entire glove. Picture it: you can easily switch between warm mitts and nimble fingerless gloves, adapting to your needs on the fly.

But these gloves aren’t just about versatility; they also offer practicality. With a leatherette palm, you’ll enjoy a secure and dependable grip even in chilly conditions. These gloves are designed to keep you toasty and in control, whether you’re braving the cold on a winter walk or tackling everyday tasks.

Key Features:

  • Mitts and Fingerless Gloves in One: The unique design lets you switch between mittens and fingerless gloves as the situation demands.
  • Convenient Touch and Close Pads: Keeping the tops securely in place, these pads make the transition effortless.
  • Leatherette Palm for Enhanced Grip: Enjoy a reliable grip, even in cold and slippery conditions.

With our Convertible Gloves, you’re not just getting warmth—you’re getting adaptability and convenience. Stay cosy and nimble all season long.


  • Available in one size fits most hands.
  • Designed to provide warmth and versatility in colder weather.
  • Disclaimer: These gloves are designed for comfort and convenience but are not intended for extreme cold or harsh conditions.