Tube Light Mini-4U 15W Set of 4

Efficient Illumination, Anywhere You Need!


Sku: EL1523
  • Set of 4 Mini-4U Tube Lights
  • Energy-Efficient 15W Brightness
  • Compact Design, Ideal for Various Spaces
  • Long-Lasting Performance for Extended Use

Elevate your lighting experience with our Tube Light Mini-4U 15W Set of 4. These energy-efficient tube lights are designed to provide efficient illumination wherever you need it. With a set of four compact Mini-4U tube lights, you can light up multiple spaces in your home or office, ensuring a well-lit environment without compromising on energy consumption. The 15W brightness offers a perfect balance between efficiency and illumination, making these lights ideal for various applications. Their compact design allows for easy installation in tight spaces, while their long-lasting performance ensures extended use without frequent replacements. Illuminate your surroundings with brilliance and efficiency using our Tube Light Mini-4U 15W Set of 4, the perfect lighting solution for any space.