Ultimate Shower

Revolutionise Your Shower Experience for Healthy Skin and High Pressure

  • Ionic Shower head with Bioactive Mineral Beads
  • Removes Toxins, Chlorine, Limescale, and Bacteria
  • Preserves Skin and Hair Moisture and Nutrients
  • Boosts Water Pressure for a Spa-Like Experience
  • Saves up to 50% Water Compared to Standard Showers


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Experience the Ultimate Shower: Pure, Powerful, and Eco-Friendly!

Introducing the Ultimate Shower, a groundbreaking ionic shower head that elevates your shower routine to a whole new level. Packed with bioactive mineral beads, it acts as a powerful filter, purifying the water that cascades over you. This innovative system effectively removes impurities like chlorine, limescale, and bacteria, culprits known to rob your skin and hair of essential moisture and nutrients. Bid farewell to the dryness, dullness, and irritation caused by these toxins, and say hello to a revitalising shower experience that nurtures your body.

The benefits of the Ultimate Shower extend beyond skincare. It’s engineered to naturally increase water pressure, making it an effortless solution for those grappling with low water pressure, especially in older residences. By maintaining high water pressure in comparison to standard showers, you can enjoy quicker showers while drastically reducing water consumption by up to 50%. Additionally, with three dynamic spray modes—jet, massage, and mixed—you’re in for a spa-like indulgence, right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

What’s Included:

  • Ultimate Shower Ionic Shower head


  • Technology: Ionic with Bioactive Mineral Beads
  • Water Purification: Removes Toxins, Chlorine, Limescale, Bacteria
  • Water Pressure: Boosts Pressure for Invigorating Showers
  • Spray Modes: Jet, Massage, Mixed for Versatile Experience
  • Water Savings: Up to 50% Compared to Standard Shower