Vince Flynn – Pursuit of Honour

CIA Operative Mitch Rapp had traveled to New York City to decide the fate of a man, though he had debated the wisdom of handling

it himself. In addition to the inherent risk

of getting caught, another, more pressing problem had arisen. Just six days earlier,

a series of explosions had torn through Washington, D.C., killing 185 and wounding hundreds.


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Three of the terrorists were still at large, and Rapp had been unofficially ordered to find them by any means necessary.So far, the investigation had been painfully complicated and had not yielded a single solid lead. The three men had literally disappeared, suggesting a level of sophistication that had, so far, been rare for the enemies of the U.S. Following the Washington attack, the last thing Rapp expected was that he would still be dealing with the New York problem.