VitaminoC – 500g powder

Revitalise health with VitaminoC Powder.

  • Supports heart and artery health.
  • Inspired by Linus Pauling’s legacy.
  • Combines Vitamin C with essential amino acids.
  • Formulated with Hydrolised Marine Collagen.
  • Enhances collagen synthesis for connective tissues.


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Experience the wisdom of Linus Pauling with VitaminoC Powder.

VitaminoC Powder pays homage to Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize laureate renowned for his groundbreaking work in chemistry and nutrition. Inspired by Pauling’s insights into the health benefits of vitamin C and collagen, this formulation combines Vitamin C with essential amino acids—Proline, Lysine, and Glycine—to support heart, cardiovascular, and artery health. With added Hydrolised Marine Collagen, VitaminoC Powder promotes collagen synthesis for healthy connective tissues, all while adhering to Pauling’s vision of holistic health and wellness.


  • Includes Vitamin C, Proline, Lysine, and Glycine
  • Contains Hydrolised Marine Collagen
  • Formulated for heart and artery health

Disclaimer: VitaminoC Powder is designed to support overall health and collagen synthesis but may not provide the same results for everyone. Individual responses may vary. Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.