Windsor Emerald Necklace 18”

  • Iconic 2.6 carat lab-created sapphire engagement ring.
  • Tarnish-resistant sterling silver for enduring charm.
  • 14 round DiamondAuras for a regal cortege.
  • Complete the ensemble with matching earrings and pendant.
  • Explore lab-created ruby or gold-clad with emerald options.


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Sku: 15470

Regal allure, affordable luxury: House of Windsor Dazzlers captivates elegance

Elegance within reach, House of Windsor Dazzlers

Discover a world of timeless elegance with House of Windsor Dazzlers, where regal allure meets affordable luxury. Our iconic 2.6 carat lab-created sapphire engagement ring, set in tarnish-resistant sterling silver, pays homage to the enduring charm of Shy Di. Adorned by a cortege of 14 round DiamondAuras, this royal-blue masterpiece invites you to embrace sophistication without the royal price tag.

Indulge in the full regal effect by complementing the engagement ring with our 3.2 carat lab-created sapphire earrings and the 2.6 carat lab-created sapphire pendant on an 18″ sterling silver chain. The House of Windsor Collection extends its allure beyond sapphires, offering the same captivating setting in lab-created ruby or gold-clad with emerald. Immerse yourself in the legacy of timeless style inspired by a royal love story, without the need for a king’s coffers.